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Pediatric Leaning disability Autism ADHD Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy: PedNeuroDr

Fill your case details before you plan to visit Dr. This will be confidential and will only reach Dr Email. you also put your comments at bottom in leave your reply section. Also fill questions at for autism screening. This will help you save time with Dr.

Dr Kondekar SV MD DNB Mumbai. Pediatric Neuro and Developmental Pediatrician
For basic pediatric health issues visit for understanding.
understanding child and parents is key to understand the problems they go through. for appointments Whatsapp 9869405747

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Dr Kondekar’s PLACE: Pediatric Ld Autism-ADHD Cerebral palsy and Epilepsy Care Services click for more details : Neuro Developmental Pediatrician Mumbai
1.To download Dr Kondekar’s Booklet on Autism for Parents visit
2. To Download Dr Kondekar’s Fortnightly Autism Symptom /Goal monitoring chart visit
3. To directly fill the Autism history Sheet for Dr kondekar’s Consultation in DSM 5 way, visit
4. If your child is not likely to be autism, but a case related to neurology like epilepsy, CP, ADHD etc you may need to fill history form for neuro cases. visit
5.To know more about issues related to constipation, repeated respiratory issues that may come along with, visit or just google with kondekar and the topic you are looking for.

15 thoughts on “Pediatric Leaning disability Autism ADHD Cerebral Palsy & Epilepsy: PedNeuroDr

  1. *some students have difficulty coping demands of the studies required at specific standards and often these kids have some neurological issues making them present as learning difficulty.*
    For those who are not selected for the previous four camp; here are camp details.
    It’s a package worth 3500/- given free.
    For those who couldn’t get in this month camp, can try for *JAN 26, 2020 camp* appt or visit for paid consultations and treatment.
    I am *Dr Kondekar MD DNB*, Associate professor of pediatrics from Nair Hospital.*and Aakaar Clinic Byculla West
    All the children registered for free camp will be having 25 min assessment by neuro pediatrician and 25 min by therapist *Dr Deepali Kondvilkar* if needed. A report will be issued along with stating the need for the child for further care including medicines, therapy and consultations or tests or evaluations if any.
    No blood tests will be done as there are no blood tests for such problems except few like genetic studies, CPK and thyroid profile
    *As these issues are learning, understanding, communication and behaviour processes in brain, Some children do need tests like CPK, THYROID, EEG, MRI. It will be advised if needed.*
    Something needs to be done for every child, all diseases are not as simple as fever cough cold, it needs great patience and understanding from parents to accept the problem so that we can work towards betterment and performance.

    *Please get your medical records and school books or writeups along with to save time and assess faster.* Don’t hesitate to tell if child or any family member has any issues, medicines, fits or problems during or around birth. *Mother’s presence is crucial for history taking. If you just say all is normal, we may be losing important clues.*

    Once understood, the processes how brain gets trained during medicine and therapy is explained at **

    Those parents who are interested to know or read something more in advance can visit ** and undergo simple screening tools for ADHD, autism and LD on the front page. The tool or test needs to be filled by parent or teacher in presence of the child answering it when needed.

    *All this is optional for those who want to understand more.*

    The aim of this camp is to make parents understand where learning is not happening and to know the reasons and work towards it to show a definite change in *100 days.*
    All kids and their issues are likely to be totally different, so the plan for medicine or therapy or counselling or tests too will have a drastic difference. Accordingly a separate prescription may be issued for free after the free counselling by doctor.

    A therapy program may be advised to some kids depending on their assessment and needs.

    *A neglect in boosting learning at early years of life has potential to make a child have issues Life long affecting the overlap future and personality of the child.*

    Here at aakaar clinic we vouch to help change the future of the child’s learning process.

    We do have many success stories, you may need to see it to believe it. Some kids improve dramatically in three weeks but most show a response in 3 months.
    To know clinic address map visit **

    For basic health advice and day to day medical issues use the scroll down box at above website.

    For sensory issues and home programs for therapy, u will see links at website.

    Whatever we do is always less for what the kid deserves.

    Don’t give up, magic happens.

    Do come with an open mind. Do understand that something really needs to be done.

    Remove the guilts from your head, trust me parents are not at fault, they just don’t get right direction.

    Mobile and TV donot cause these learning issues, but they prevent a child from recovering from delayed learning problems as it just wastes their time if not used with proper meaning.

    Thank you.
    Feel free to register online at ** and ask questions in advance.


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